Campus Profile

STIBA Saraswati Denpasar is a private higher educational in Bali which is one of the units of Yayasan Perguruan Rakyat Saraswati Pusat Denpasar (a private educational foundation). STIBA Saraswati Denpasar was originally named the Foreign Language Academy “Akademi Bahasa Asing” (ABA) Saraswati Denpasar which provided diploma program (D3). Along with the development of the world of education and human resource needs in various fields, ABA Saraswati Denpasar upgraded its status to a College of Foreign Languages “ Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing” (STIBA) Saraswati Denpasar to produce graduates at the level of stratum 1 (S1) stipulated by Decree of the Minister of National Education Number 182/D/O/2003. Currently, officially the study program opened by STIBA Saraswati Denpasar today is; 1) English Literature Study Program (S1) and 2) Japanese Literary Studies Program. As an institution of higher education, STIBA Saraswati Denpasar has been accredited and for both its English and Japanese Literature is accredited B. Both of these study programs are committed to developing foreign language teaching based on integrated culture development and maintenance in the courses offered.
STIBA Saraswati Denpasar is continuing to improve overseas cooperation both in terms of quantity and quality. Our institution also often get visits from overseas institutions, such as Fukuyama University, Niigata University, Jigyou Souzou Daigakuin Daigaku, Miyata Gakuen, etc. The arrival of these agencies aims to include exchange of students, seminars, symposiums, lectures or joint research.

To enhance students' non-academic activities, STIBA Saraswati Denpasar has several students’ activity units which cover extracurricular activities such as arts and culture, sport, environment care, science, English club and Japanese club.

The number of lecturers at STIBA Saraswati Denpasar for the two study programs are 50. From 50 lecturers, 8 lecturers have conducted teaching BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing) training that’s training how to teach Indonesian for foreign speaker and 6 lecturers have experience teaching Indonesian language to foreign speakers both in Indonesia and abroad.

To support teaching and learning activities, STIBA Saraswati Denpasar has  some representative classrooms with air-conditioned classrooms. In addition, this campus is also equipped with Language Laboratory, ICT Labs, libraries and free internet access (wifi).

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